Threading: A Stitch in Time Saves…?


The answer is 6 – as in 6 weeks! In other words, if done correctly, you won’t have to repeat this process for a full month and a half.

Records indicate that threading has been practiced in Egypt and India for the past 5000 years. The results are dramatic, but it requires a special touch and unique skillset. For millennia practitioners kept these techniques secret, passing them down from one generation to the next or strictly from parent to child.

Cotton thread is generally the preferred fabric. By incorporating a twisting motion, the technician captures unwanted hair (even of the finest variety, nicknamed “peach fuzz”) in a kind of lasso, then removes it by lifting the hair from deep within the follicle, taking as long as 6 weeks for it to regrow.

In recent years the technique has gained a passionate following in the West, particularly from individuals beset by a condition sometimes called “trouble brows.” Because threading is highly precise in its ability to shape straight, even lines, a growing number of adherents sing its praises over other facial hair removal treatments, such as waxing, tweezing or sugaring. It’s considered more sanitary since nothing but the actual thread touches the skin. Methods can vary, but a skilled technician usually works very fast, completing the entire procedure – start to finish – in as little as two minutes. The best news may be that threading often becomes permanent, meaning that the exhausted follicle loses its ability to regrow the hair.

Although the threading technique can be used for hair on other parts of the body, it is mostly reserved for the face, especially shaping eyebrows and removing unwanted hair from the chin, cheeks and upper lip. Depending upon the skill of the technician – and your personal tolerance – many report that the pain or discomfort is considerably less than other methods, like tweezing.

Threading is a very specialized skill and is rarely taught in American schools for cosmologists and aestheticians. Unless you live in a large metropolitan area, it can be difficult to find a tech with the proper experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to report that at Alabama Vein Center we can now provide this ancient treatment to our patients, along with other methods of hair removal, such as waxing, laser and other technologies.

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