Why Winter Is the Best Time to Begin Varicose Vein Treatment

Researchers estimate somewhere around 40% of men and 32% of women have varicose veins before the age of 64, and, if they look at earlier stages and spider veins, that rate jumps to 80% or most of the population.

For some people these veins represent an unsightly nuisance, causing feelings of self-consciousness when wearing a swimsuit or opting for long dresses or pants that cover the legs at all times. Others will experience excruciating pain, throbbing, itching, and general discomfort. Whatever your reasons for considering varicose veins surgery, there are several very important reasons why winter is the absolute best time to get this procedure which we’ll explore below.

1. Veins get worse as days get colder

When the weather is warm or mild, you have barbecues to attend or you may spend your leisure time at a high school game, the park, or just out taking advantage of those longer days to spend more time outside before dark — even after work.

In the winter, however, days are short and often dreary. Most people aren’t moving as much, and this can exacerbate painful varicose vein symptoms, making winter the perfect time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hunt.

2. Easier to stay out of the sun

In Alabama, it’s not easy to stay out of the sun for most of the year because, in this part of the country, the sun’s beating down from late spring to mid-fall. When your skin is exposed to sun, it loses its elasticity and some moisture, which can increase scarring and discoloration as it slows the healing process and increases the risk that bleeding and infection can occur, but this is very unlikely in the winter months when you’re more apt to wear long pants and stay out of the sunshine.

3. It’s not a chore to take it easy

When the sun is shining and people are having fun outdoors, you likely want to be out there. Whether you like to garden, need to mow, or carpool the kids to practice, most people are just more busy with work and play when it’s warmer. Once the days turn cool and darker, things seem to slow down and people spend more time inside, making it easier to remember that you shouldn’t push yourself when healing from a vein procedure like:

  • Endovenous laser thermal ablation (EVLT)
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Venasealtm closure therapy
  • Varithena

You’ll generally heal faster and better in winter months because it’s just so easy to take it easy. Relax, because you deserve it.

4. Compression stockings without the sweat

Compression stockings consist of a thick, supportive material that helps hold the procedure site firmly in place to reduce discomfort and promote faster healing, but these stocking can also enhance perspiration, soaking your legs in uncomfortable sweat in warmer months. However, in the winter they simply double as “long underwear,” keeping your legs warm when the weather’s cold.

5. You won’t miss your shorts

In the warmer months, wearing long pants and skirt can even be uncomfortable, but you have no such temptation when it’s 20 degrees out. After your procedure, you simply wear what you’d normally wear this time of year, and you don’t feel like you’re overheated or missing out because you need to wear full-coverage clothing while you’re healing.

6. You’re ready for summer

Now let’s look at the best thing of all and that’s the fact that you’re healed and ready by the time warmer weather rolls around again. When you get vein procedures done at Alabama Vein & Restoration during these colder months, you’re ready for shorts and swimsuits this summer.

Winter is the best time to get vein treatment so book online today.

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