What is Sclerotherapy?


Have you ever wondered what your options are for treating these, or what the names of the treatments mean? Understanding your treatment options and what exactly they entail can bring greater confidence and peace of mind about a procedure.

So today we want to discuss one common treatment for spider veins, Sclerotherapy, which is a low-risk outpatient procedure.

Before you undergo Sclerotherapy, you’ll have a consultation with your physician to see if you are a candidate. (Our doctors are carefully selected and will make sure you understand the procedure.) Your doctor will need to determine that problems are not due to any other underlying medical issue before you undergo this cosmetic procedure. The procedure itself usually takes less than an hour. It is an injection directly into the vein. There may be some stinging or cramps when the needle is injected. After the needle is withdrawn, you will have a compress applied to the area, and often the doctor will massage the area to keep the solution dispersed. You may also have a compression wrap secured over the vein while the doctor moves on to the next one. After the procedure, you should be able to do all your normal activities, although you will be instructed to wear compression socks.

Most side effects are minor and fade after a few days. If you had smaller veins treated, they should fade in three to six weeks. If the veins are quite large, it might be as long as three or four months before they disappear. This is a low-risk way to cosmetically treat spider or varicose veins, and the Alabama Vein Center will be happy to answer your questions about this treatment. Contact us today!

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