Want Bold Brows Without Makeup? Try Microblading

Are you tired of a day at the beach or quick workout ruining your eyebrow makeup? Then it’s time to ditch your eyebrow pencil for a more permanent thickening solution with microblading. This semi-permanent treatment creates the perfect brow that stays in place all day long, without the risks of smudging, fading, or melting away.

Our team at Alabama Vein & Restoration Medspa brings the most innovative aesthetic techniques available to men and women in Hoover, Alabama; serving Oxford, Cullman, Tuscaloosa, Prattville, and Birmingham, AL. We make it easier than ever to get thicker brows using the latest microblading techniques.

How microblading creates the perfect brow

Microblading is a cutting-edge aesthetic treatment that enhances your eyebrows with strategically placed pigment in your brow area that looks like tiny, individual hairs. While microblading might sound like you’re getting an eyebrow tattoo, it actually uses a completely different tool and very specific techniques to achieve more natural-looking results.

When you have microblading, we use a special pen-like tool with sterilized microneedles to draw single strands that look like eyebrows, one “hair” at a time.This approach uses less pigment and doesn’t penetrate as deep into your skin as a traditional tattoo. It also gives us exceptional control, so we can create realistic and natural results. In fact, it’s often hard to tell the difference between your natural eyebrow hairs and the pigmented lines we create with the latest microblading techniques.

What to expect from microblading

To help you achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of, we recommend having an initial consultation to discuss your desired shape, color, and overall expectations for your eyebrows. After this consultation, you can expect your microblading session to last approximately two hours, depending on the look we discuss.

When we perform microblading, we apply a topical anesthetic to your eyebrow area to keep you comfortable for your procedure. If you’re extra sensitive, we can discuss alternative anesthetic options to ensure your comfort. In most cases, microblading itself has little discomfort, but you might experience some tenderness in your eyebrows after your procedure.

Once your microblading treatment concludes, we provide aftercare instructions and a post-procedure care kit. To help the site heal, you have to keep it moist and clean. We can help you select the best skin care products based on your specific skin type.

To help you achieve maximum results, we usually recommend two microblading treatments, but this varies based on your skin type. Approximately seven weeks after your first treatment, it’s also common to have a touchup session so we can fill in any areas lost during the healing process.

Maintaining your perfect brows

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique. In some cases, your microblading results can last up to two years, but this varies drastically from person to person.

Common factors that can cause eyebrow pigment to fade include:

  • Smoking
  • Oily skin
  • Sun exposure
  • Certain medications

Microblading also typically fades faster for men and women with darker skin tones. To minimize fading after microblading, we recommend using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on your eyebrows every day, and having touch up treatments approximately every six months.

If you want perfectly shaped, bold brows without makeup, call us at Alabama Vein & Restoration Medspa or schedule an appointment online today.

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