Microblading 101: Learn Why This Treatment is So Popular

There’s a reason that we’re seeing such a boom in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in recent years. Where results like those that can be attained with microblading would’ve required invasive surgical treatments in previous years, they are now wholly achievable with a quick doctor’s visit.

Microblading is a process that’s gained huge popularity, and perhaps even a cult following in recent years, with celebrities like Madonna, Lily Collins, and Cara Delevigne getting on board.

At Alabama Vein & Restoration MedSpa, Dr. Charles Hunt II and his team are dedicated to your cosmetic and healthcare needs, and so they’ve compiled this helpful guide to microblading.
Am I a candidate?

Want to know the cool thing about microblading? It’s a great option for everyone! Microblading can provide you with thicker brows without the time and energy that goes into applying makeup for thicker brows. But, it’s also a great option for those who’ve experienced brow thinning as a result of alopecia or hair loss from other medical conditions.
The benefits of microblading

Microblading is essentially the process of applying a semi-permanent tattoo along your brow lines. And the results of microblading are truly stunning. Because we use a very precise, hand-held needle for the application, we can apply your eyebrows in thin strokes meant to mimic your individual hairs.

The process is convenient, too, and the results can last for up to three years. The first treatment takes a couple of hours to complete. With follow-up appointments, we can touch-up or alter the appearance, depending on your preferences and your satisfaction with the results.
Why it’s better than tattooing or makeup

With tattooing, you’re inserting pigment into the deeper layers of your skin, making the results permanent, so you can’t really change your mind or your eyebrow style later. And, results often don’t look natural, nor do they mimic the stroke, hair-blade-like appearance that microblading can provide.

If you’ve been filling in your brows with pencils or powders, then you know just how time consuming and frustrating the process can be to draw eyebrows each day. Getting symmetrical, expertly contoured brows with makeup is difficult, and the results just don’t look natural. Plus, your brows can smudge or fade throughout the day. With microblading, you can save yourself all the time it takes to get your eyebrows ready every day!
Achieve the perfect brows

You likely have lots of questions about the microblading procedure, like cost and the number of sessions you may need. We can answer all of those questions and more during your appointment. If you’re ready to attain the organic-looking brows that microneedling can provide, then call us or make an appointment right on our website today.

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