Get Ridden of Stubborn Fat Once and For All

Weight loss isn’t an exact science. Sure, there are some solid principles to help guide the process, but there are so many variables that can block your progress that it seems almost impossible to identify and deal with each one so you can clear the path to your goal.

When your diet and exercise efforts have hit a wall, you can reopen the door to fat loss without cutting more calories and counting steps. Dr. Charles Hunt III and our team of experienced medical professionals at Alabama Vein & Restoration Medspa helps frustrated dieters finally achieve their ideal body shape by SculpSure®. Here’s what you need to know.

Weight loss vs. fat loss

Why does weight loss happen quickly when you first get started then get harder and even stall down the line? Here’s a quick biological explanation.

Water loss

At the beginning of your weight loss journey, you cut calories and increased your exercise. This simple formula works quickly in the beginning because the first thing to go is “water weight.” Since your body is up to 60% water, you have plenty to spare, and you may see the numbers on the scale drop 2 pounds a week or more at first — but you may not have lost any fat.

Once you burn through your glycogen stores (the energy molecules that bind to water in your body), the process slows down.

Muscle loss

Another factor that causes the scale numbers to dip is muscle loss. If your diet drastically curbs your calories and doesn’t include enough protein, your muscles start to wane and it shows on the scale — but the fat remains.

Fat loss

Fat loss happens when your body uses stored fat as energy and stops storing excess fat for later use. This, in effect, shrinks your fat cells and changes your body shape. If you’ve been dieting and exercising, you’ve seen this happen, but the process may have stopped short of your goal.

How to get rid of fat that won’t budge

Despite your best efforts, you may have some diet- and exercise-resistant fat that just won’t shrink no matter what you try — enter SculpSure.

This noninvasive, painless treatment uses laser-generated heat to penetrate the layers of your skin and target your fat cells deep within. SculpSure was the first FDA-cleared device to effectively “melt” away fat cells. Although the cells don’t actually melt, they do die off and get flushed away by your lymphatic system over the 6-12 weeks following your treatment.

Because you’re born with a finite number of fat cells, the ones you lose will never be replaced — they’re gone forever. In fact, SculpSure can eradicate up to 24% of the fat cells in the treated area, which can include your tummy, love handles, chin, back, or thighs.

The remaining fat cells, however, can still plump up if you start to gain weight again, so it’s important to remain on a healthy diet and exercise routine.

SculpSure is not meant for people who are obese or severely overweight, but it’s an excellent way to recontour body and smooth out the bumps and bulges that ruin your physique.

If you’ve been struggling to lose the last remaining stores of fat, or wish you could dictate to your body exactly where you want it to lose fat, SculpSure may be right for you. To find out, contact us at any of our locations in Fultondale, Clanton, Hoover, Tuscaloosa, or Oxford Alabama, or use the online tool to request an appointment. SculpSure can have you ready for summer in just a few weeks.

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