Feeling a Bit Weighed Down Lately?


Like you’re carrying around a 300-lb boulder on your back?

First off, it’s one of life’s natural consequences that as we grow older, our energy levels decrease. We don’t seem to have the ability to put in those all-nighters to finish important projects like we once did. Our motivation at work or at play can start to lag. Sometimes our general excitement about life itself begins to wane.

The good news is that there are a few proven things you can do to help restore the energy levels you once enjoyed.

  • Eat better – When we’re young, it feels as though we can eat practically anything. Our bodies seem to burn it off like jet fuel. We can eat junk food to our heart’s content and never gain significant weight. When it’s crunch time, we always seem to find the energy necessary to get ‘er done. Well, if you haven’t already discovered it yet, the same isn’t true as we get older. As the years progress, it becomes essential that we transform our daily diet. Eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This simple solution can not only have a dramatic effect upon our energy levels, but it can significantly improve our state of mind also.
  • Exercise – Deliberately. We’re not just talking about walking the dog or spending a few hours a week on the court with friends. Ideally, you learned the value of exercise when you were young, perhaps as you participated in sports leagues, school athletics or physical education. As we age many of us realize we’re no longer as active as a matter of habit or discipline. No coach is pushing us to finish that final lap or do one more rep. Suddenly, it’s all up to us. We must accept that if we don’t make some changes, that boulder on our backs will only grow heavier and our quality of life will decline.
  • Seek reliable advice – Now we’re talking, literally. Seek counsel from people you respect – hopefully people who are succeeding in their own efforts to conquer this challenge. This can include friends and relatives. If that doesn’t get you over the “hump,” you can also seek counsel from professionals. Such professionals can be dietitians, physical trainers and doctors in variety of fields.

At some point if none of the “usual” solutions seem to be eliminating fatigue and restoring normal energy levels, you may want to research the wide array of options available from a Restoration Medicine specialist. A specialist in Restoration Medicine can address specific symptoms you may be experiencing, whether it’s sleep disorders, decreased sexual function, weight gain, depression or simply an increasing frustration with the implementation of other methods.

This is an area where we can help. For more information, look through our website or contact us to ask additional questions. We can help take that weight off your shoulders.

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