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Skin Analysis



About Emage Pro 3D


What is the Image Pro 3D skin analysis system? 

We are very excited to introduce a new Imaging Camera to our facility. It allows us to give you the most advanced skin care and treatment recommendations. It is all part of our commitment to giving you the most educated, medically-sound advice for your skin. Emage Pro 3D is a high-tech device with a very sophisticated camera lens that takes super high-resolution images of your skin. It takes multiple images that not only captures what is visible on your skin, but what lies beneath the surface as well. Emage Pro 3D gives you the most accurate picture of your overall skin condition and health.


That sounds amazing! What else can it do?

The Emage Pro 3D also gives you a grade on your skin compared to others of the same age and gender. You get a quality measure on Age Spots, Wrinkles, Pores, Texture, UV Spots, Redness, and Porphyrins (bacteria on the skin). It also gives you a “True Skin Age”, which is rated against your real age.

The analysis report is an incredibly beneficial insight into your skin. Emage Pro 3D reveals how years of being out in the sun can cause damage to your skin. Don’t worry, our skilled aestheticians will customize a skin care treatment plan to meet your needs and skin care products to help restore any conditions or blemishes it may find.


What do I need to know before getting my Professional Skin Analysis?

The most critical part of the whole process is to come in without make-up or skin care products on your face. With any type of make-up on, the analysis will not give accurate results. You may bring your skin care or makeup products with you to apply after your Emage Pro 3D analysis. If you forget to come in without removing your makeup we can help assist in removing any make-up before your professional skin analysis.


How long does it take and IS IT FREE?

Each analysis from start to finish can be completed within 15 minutes. At the completion of your professional skin analysis you will have a better understanding on how to protect and prevent further sun damage to your skin. We are currently offering this skin analysis treatment for free with any service completed at the Alabama Vein & Restoration Medspa! We provide this professional analysis at our Hoover location and we can’t wait to see you at our office for your very own personal in-depth skin analysis!



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