ICON Cynosure Laser System


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About ICON Cynosure Laser System

Facial Skin Revitalization (clear vascular and pigmented lesions)

Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing (acne scar removal/surgical scar removal)

Pigmented Lesion Removal

Permanent Hair Reduction/Removal



The ICON Laser system uses the most advanced technology to treat a vast array of skin conditions. 


Are you needing to clear vascular and pigmented lesions? No problem, the laser is optimized for the closure of all types of vessels including larger deeper facial vessels. The facial skin revitalization laser features dual-band filters for maximum absorption while minimizing heating, providing a comfortable no-downtime treatment.



Do you have acne scars and surgical scars you would like to reduce the appearance of, or how about improving some skin irregularities? Absolutely Yes! The cynosure laser improves these irregularities and reduces the appearance of surgical and acne scars! It is a clinically proven laser for the treatment of stretch marks. We can offer you customizable facial treatments to focus on your main problem areas.




Do you have pigmented lesions? Our laser delivers optimally filtered light for the treatment of unwanted pigmented lesions; ideal for chest, arms, and your hand. The high peak power also has the ability to remove difficult to treat finer, lighter hair.



How would you like to have to not have to shave ever again! We can provider hair removal on all skin types including tanned skin. 


If you are interested in seeing how the Cynosure Laser can help you give us a call today! 205-823-0151, alternatively fill out this form, let us know what treatment you would like and we will call you to schedule your appointment! Find out why this is the one stop place for all your skin care needs, all provided from experienced, highly trained, friendly, and certified staff members.

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