Increase Blood Flow To Your Penis with Zimmer Zwave

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures — it strengthens relationships, relieves stress, burns calories, makes babies, and feels fantastic. So when you have a problem performing, it affects all aspects of your life.

We understand the frustration of erectile dysfunction (ED) and its far-reaching impact. We also know that most men would rather not talk about it, let alone come in for an examination and treatment. But here at Alabama Vein & Restoration Medspa, our team of medical professionals treat this common problem every day with compassion, dignity, discretion, and skill. 

Dr. Charles Hunt II is our experienced physician who specializes in phlebology; cardiovascular, thoracic, and general surgery; and vein disorders. His expertise is especially helpful if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction due to vascular issues or Peyronie’s disease, which he successfully treats with Zimmer ZWave. Here’s how it works.

Why is blood flow important to your sex life?

When you’re about to have sex, you become aroused through visual and mental sensory stimuli, and your brain and nerves trigger the muscles in your penis to relax. This opens the floodgates and allows blood to rush in and get trapped in the corpora cavernosa, one of the chambers in the shaft of your penis. Voila! — you have an erection.

However, if blood flow is hindered for some reason, you may not be able to get or maintain an erection, a condition you know as erectile dysfunction. 

What causes decreased blood flow to the penis?

Several factors can lead to erectile dysfunction, including mental health issues, stress, medications, and hormonal imbalance, but one of the most common culprits is low blood flow.

Your penis may not be getting an adequate supply of blood due to an injury to your pelvis, advancing age, clogged arteries, or Peyronie’s disease (a buildup of scar tissue that results in a curved penis and painful erections). 

How can I increase the blood flow?

Dr. Hunt uses shockwave therapy called Zimmer ZWave to increase the blood flow to your penis. We know that sounds a bit alarming, but there is nothing shocking about this treatment other than the results — it’s completely noninvasive and painless.

We simply position the applicator over your penis while the device emits high-energy radial shockwaves that penetrate your skin and target the deeper tissues in your penis. The effect is two-fold: first it repairs damaged blood vessels, and then it promotes the generation of new blood vessels. 

Most men notice a significant improvement after just one session, but you may need 5-8 treatments for full effect. Our patients report:

There’s no reason to suffer through a so-so sex life when the answer is so safe and simple. To learn more about Zimmer ZWave or the complementary PRP shot that sends rejuvenating and healing properties directly into your penis, contact us at any of our five locations, including Hoover, Fultondale, Oxford, Clanton, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama — and make some waves in the bedroom! 

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