Banish Stubborn Fat Bulges with Surgery-Free SculpSure

Getting older, losing weight, or having a baby can all have an impact on your appearance. Even when you stick to a healthy diet and a good exercise plan, you may still find that those stubborn pockets of fat around your midsection and thighs just won’t go away.

The experts at Alabama Vein and Restoration MedSpa have helped men and women throughout the state reduce or eliminate those muffin tops and fleshy love handles with SculpSure. This nonsurgical body contouring system may be just the solution you’re looking for to achieve the figure you’ve always wanted.

No incisions, no pain

SculpSure technology uses gentle laser energy that targets fat cells beneath your skin without a single incision. This energy heats the core temperature of the fat cells, destroying their structural integrity and killing them. Over the following weeks, your body naturally flushes them from your system.

A SculpSure treatment isn’t painful. In fact, you can sit back and relax as the technology works its magic. You may experience a deep warming or tingling sensation as the laser energy travels to the stubborn pockets of fat, but SculpSure technology also features a cooling cycle to ensure you’re comfortable throughout your procedure.

Nature takes over

Following your laser treatment, you can go back to work or your favorite activities without any recovery time. Your body’s natural processes take over to give you the results you want. As fat cells die off, your body eliminates them naturally through your lymphatic system. This means you don’t have to undergo any follow-up treatment.

Enjoy the long-lasting benefits

Within three weeks of your SculpSure treatment, you’ll begin to see your results: a noticeably slimmer, more defined figure. Your body continues to get rid of excess fat cells and by week 12, you should see optimal results.

Once the laser energy of SculpSure destroys fat cells, they are gone for good. You can enjoy long-lasting results with a healthy, low-fat diet and daily physical activity.

Safe and effective for problem areas

Our team at Alabama Vein and Restoration MedSpa create a custom treatment plan to address your problem areas. We can design treatment to target the areas you want to change most, including your:

To achieve your ultimate cosmetic goals, additional treatments may be needed to contour larger areas of your body. Our SculpSure providers work closely with you to understand your goals and help you reinvent your body.

SculpSure treatments are the ideal complement to a successful weight loss regimen, helping you redefine your body when you are at or close to a healthy weight.

The laser energy is powerful enough to address stubborn fat but gentle enough to not harm the surrounding skin or tissue. Outside of some mild redness in the treated area immediately following the procedure, you won’t experience any side effects.

Book a lunch hour appointment

Not only is SculpSure technology fast and effective at enhancing your natural figure, but you can also enjoy fast treatment times. In many cases, you can be in and out in less than an hour — often much less — and go back to work without anyone being the wiser.

If you’re ready to rediscover your natural figure, book an appointment online or call Alabama Vein and Restoration MedSpa today.

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