5 Reasons You May Benefit From Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Hormones regulate just about everything in your body. From how much you eat, to how you heal, to when you sweat, so it's easy to see how things might go awry when hormones become unbalanced usually due to nutritional deficits, stress, lack of exercise, natural aging, or disorders. That's why so many women and men benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Let's explore five amazing ways that BHRT can really change your life.

1. They meet your unique needs

Bioidentical hormones aren't "one size fits all." Rather they're built in a lab around your unique hormone profile, customized by your doctor so that they offer your body exactly what it needs, no more and no less. That's personalized precision rarely seen in any medical treatments.

They may include various levels of common hormones like:

2. They can reduce mood swings

If you experience frequent ups and down, feel irritable often, or have trouble enjoying "enjoyable" activities, this too is regulated by hormones, and both men and women may find that therapy gives them a greater sense of well-being. Having hormones properly balanced doesn't stop stressful things from happening; it helps your body and mind respond in a more measured, confident, and constructive way. On top of mood swings, you can experience similar improvements in anxiety or depression, which may be related symptoms.

3. They can eliminate unwarranted fatigue

Did you get what felt like a good night's sleep last night, but you still feel exhausted today? Hormones regulate your circadian rhythm, which tells your body when to wake up and when to go to sleep. Bioidentical hormone therapy can get your cycle back on track so that you feel energetic when you should and tired only when it's time for bed.

4. They can help you lose weight

You may have the strongest willpower in the world, but if your body is always saying "I'm hungry" and then continually slowing down your metabolism so that you hold onto what's already there, any weight lost will eventually come back if you can lose it at all. Hormones and weight make a very vicious cycle. The more non-muscle weight you gain, the more the hormones become unbalanced and the unbalanced hormones cause more weight gain. But when you receive bioidentical hormones, it can stop this endless cycle.

5. They can help you think more clearly

As you get older, mental fog can set it. You feel mentally sluggish and struggle processing the world around you very quickly, retaining memory, and learning new things. You may even begin to suspect that it’s Alzheimer's. While that is a possibility, hormone imbalance is a much more likely culprit, and Dr. Hunt can treat it with hormone replacement therapy.

The benefits don't stop here. When you get BHRT at Alabama Vein & Restoration Medspa, you may see:

In addition, BHRT can help men with low sex drive, gynecomastia (breast enlargement), and erectile disorders. It can help women with infertility and the signs and symptoms of menopause. Dr. Hunt works with you to develop a customized treatment that addresses your unique needs. In addition, he believes in a proactive, whole body approach, so he helps you with diet, lifestyle, supplements, and nutrients to help you get healthier and feel more youthful overall.

If you're suffering with symptoms like these, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help you feel younger and live healthier. Contact the office to schedule an appointment.

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