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Increase Blood Flow To Your Penis with Zimmer Zwave

When your penis gets only a trickle of blood, your bedroom performance goes from a crashing wave to a limp ripple. But the solution is easy and painless. Zimmer Zwave therapy quickly solves your blood flow issues and turns sex into a tsunami again.

Feb 9th, 2021
Benefits of Hormone Therapy After Menopause

Menopause is a normal phase of life, not a medical condition — although it may seem like one. Hormone replacement therapy restores your biological balance and provides plenty of other perks that help you get through the change.

Jan 20th, 2021
What to Expect After Varicose Vein Ablation

Gnarly, purple veins showing through your skin can ruin an otherwise nice set of legs. Whether you have delicate spider veins or large varicose veins, laser ablation can eradicate them. And recovery is much easier than with surgery.

Dec 3rd, 2020
Bothered by Skin Spots? Laser Therapy Can Help

If you spend a few decades on planet Earth, you’re bound to end up with some spots on your skin. Age and sunlight leave little patches of clumped melanin, often called sun spots or age spots. But you can wipe them away with advanced laser therapy.

Nov 10th, 2020
5 Body Areas WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® Can Slim Down

Lost weight is never really lost. It can be refound when fat cells expand again. The only way to truly lose it is to remove the fat cells permanently. Here’s how WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® eliminates fat for good in key body areas.

Oct 14th, 2020
Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Best For You?

When your hormones are out of whack, you feel the effects in every aspect of your life, from sleep patterns and body temp to weight gain and sex issues. There are several ways to manage the symptoms — could bioidentical hormone replacement be best?

Sep 22nd, 2020
Are You a Candidate for Zwave?

Is your penis malfunctioning? Is it refusing to rise to the occasion and embarrassing you with a strange curve that didn’t used to be there? Find out if Zwave can straighten out your penis problems without surgery or drugs.

Aug 19th, 2020
The Link Between Blurry Vision & Hormone Imbalance

Can’t quite focus on your favorite novel? Are road signs looking a little fuzzy? You may think you need glasses, but your hormones might actually be to blame. Find out how vision and hormones are connected.

Jul 22nd, 2020
The Benefits of Telehealth

These uncertain times have everyone wondering what activities are safe. Can you go to the doctor? What if you just had a medical procedure and need help? Find out how a telehealth appointment can keep your treatment plan on track.

Jun 26th, 2020
How Can Vasculera Help Me?

Varicose veins are not just an irritating eyesore; they could also signal larger circulatory issues. Vasculera® tablets contain concentrated levels of Diosmin, found naturally in citrus, that works to control inflammation in your veins. Learn more.

May 22nd, 2020
How to Choose the Right Filler for Your Anti-Aging Goals

Frustrated by wrinkles and other signs of aging in your facial skin? Facial fillers provide a great way to achieve your anti-aging goals. Read more to find out which fillers are best for your unique aesthetic facial needs.

Sep 30th, 2019
Make Your Eyes Pop with Latisse Lash Extensions

Would you like to make your eyes pop by enhancing your eyelashes? Try Latisse®, a prescription solution that makes your lashes longer, thicker, and fuller. Find out how it works for women young and old!

Aug 31st, 2019
Getting Rid of Varicose Veins: Your Treatment Options

You don’t have to suffer from the embarrassment and discomfort of varicose veins. Find out about varicose vein treatments that improve your confidence and comfort as they free your legs from unsightly damaged veins.

Aug 6th, 2019
Want Bold Brows Without Makeup? Try Microblading

Do you wish you had thick, lush eyebrows? Or are you looking for a light, natural finish that creates a perfectly formed brow? Say goodbye to pencil thin and sparse eyebrows and get lasting results with microblading.

Jun 30th, 2019
Incorporating Botox Into Your Beauty Routine

Nobody enjoys seeing wrinkles creep onto their face, but Botox may help. When expertly performed, Botox injections are a viable option to reduce your facial wrinkles. Learn how you can incorporate the simple treatment into your beauty regimen.

Jun 1st, 2019
How SculpSure Works to Give You the Body You Want

You do all the work required to get the body you want, and yet you still have fatty bulges on your midsection and thighs that you can’t get rid of. What if you let SculpSure® do the work of getting rid of them, instead?

Mar 1st, 2019
5 Reasons You May Benefit From Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Are you not feeling like yourself these days? As we age, certain hormones can become unbalanced or lowered, leading to all kinds of health and life challenges for men and women. Find out how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can benefit you.

Jan 16th, 2019
Why Winter Is the Best Time to Begin Varicose Vein Treatment

Are your varicose veins uncomfortable or even painful? Are you ready to reveal smoother skin and love your legs again? There are so many reasons not to put off vein treatment this year. Find out why winter is the best time to have a vein procedure.

Dec 14th, 2018
Banish Stubborn Fat Bulges with Surgery-Free SculpSure

If you’ve hit your goal weight, but those stubborn fat bulges just won’t seem to go away, SculpSure may be the solution. Learn more about the long-term benefits of SculpSure body contouring at Alabama Vein and Restoration MedSpa.

Oct 9th, 2018
More about Restless Leg Syndrome

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME IS A MEDICAL CONDITION THAT VERY LITTLE IS KNOWN ABOUT. Researchers aren’t sure what causes it, but leading theories suggest venous insufficiency, as well as nerve-related health problems, may be to blame...

Sep 21st, 2018
Let's Learn About Venaseal

AS THE SUMMER MONTHS ARE A TIME WHEN MANY PEOPLE TAKE VACATIONS, IT IS A GOOD TIME TO GET VEINS TREATED. Today, we are decoding the facts about one of the latest minimally invasive technology offerings at the Alabama Vein & Restoration Medspa: VenaSeal™...

Sep 20th, 2018
Keep Your Skin Feeling Young and Vibrant

IF YOU’RE GOING THROUGH HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY, YOU’RE LIKELY FEELING YOUNGER AND MORE ENERGIZED. This means you need a skincare routine that keeps your skin looking as young as you feel. That being said, the skin is very sensitive, so it’s...

Sep 15th, 2018
Varithena Now Offered at AVC!

LATEST FDA APPROVED VARICOSE VEIN TREATMENT VARITHENA! Varithena is the latest FDA approved treatment that is minimally invasive and non-surgical to treat your Varicose Veins! (no incisions required) We are one of the first adopters in Alabama...

Sep 14th, 2018
Simple Steps to Stop Varicose Veins from Getting Worse

AT THE ALABAMA VEIN CENTER, WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP PATIENTS FIND MORE SELF-CONFIDENCE WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR VARICOSE VEINS. Prevention is always the best solution, however, most of us aren’t thinking about varicose veins until they start...

Sep 12th, 2018
3 Way to Manage Stress as you Age

AS WE GET OLDER, THERE ARE MORE THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT TOO. As we get older, there are more things to worry about too. In addition to managing your health, there’s retirement to think about, not to mention home improvements, family events, and more...

Sep 12th, 2018
Don't Worry About Recovering from Venous Treatment!

ANYTIME YOU HAVE A PROCEDURE OF ANY KIND, YOU CAN PRETTY MUCH EXPECT THERE TO BE SOME KIND OF A RECOVERY PERIOD. While most of the treatments we offer at the Alabama Vein Centers are simple outpatient procedures, they do bring with them a recovery...

Sep 10th, 2018
Caution: Hot Flashes Ahead?

AS WE GET OLDER, OUR BODIES CHANGE IN A VARIETY OF WAYS. One of the most common side effects of aging is a decline in hormone production. This leads to menopause, a natural part of a woman’s reproductive lifecycle, but also an uncomfortable one....

Sep 9th, 2018
Spider Vein Treatments

WHAT ARE SPIDER VEINS? Spider Veins are usually a web of blue and red thread like veins that are usually in patches scattered about the legs. Spider Veins essentially pose no health threat, although the underlying cause of spider viens...

Sep 8th, 2018
What is Microphlebectomy?

ARE YOU ONE OF THE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS LIVING WITH VARICOSE VEINS? Not only are veins noticeable from an aesthetics perspective, in some cases, they have the potential to also lead to more serious health problems like chronic venous insufficiency...

Sep 7th, 2018
Who Should Consider Hormone Therapy?

IF YOU ARE A WOMAN WHO IS GETTING OLDER OR EXPERIENCING THE RESULTS OF AGING.. If you are a woman who is getting older or experiencing the results of aging, hormone replacement therapy is probably something that has either been recommended...

Sep 6th, 2018
SkinPen Treatment at Alabama Vein Center

Alabama Vein Center is now introducing SkinPenII, a revolutionary new face and neck treatment device that uses your skin's natural ability to heal itself- all with little or no downtime! Remarkably effective for Scars: acne, trauma...

Sep 5th, 2018
Prepping for Spider Vein Treatment is No Problem!

ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT TREATMENT FOR SPIDER VEINS? Though generally harmless, these hair-thin blemishes can be unsightly and uncomfortable for some, and cause one to want to cover up. If you’ve thought about getting them treated or are simply...

Sep 3rd, 2018
Are Your Hormones Balanced?

OUR BODIES ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING AND SOMETIMES THINGS JUST DON’T WORK AS WELL AS THEY USED TO. You might think that you just have to accept the aging process, and while that’s partially true, there are things you can do to feel better...

Sep 1st, 2018
Make Sure Your Legs are Ready for the Beach

BEACH WEATHER WILL BE HERE BEFORE WE KNOW IT AND, WITH THAT, PLENTY OF FUN IN THE SUN, SEASIDE STROLLS AND SAND BETWEEN OUT TOES. While for some long walks on the beach may sound dreamy, for those with varicose veins the thought of baring our legs may...

Aug 30th, 2018
Are You Enjoying Your Retirement?

HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT YOU REGULARLY FEEL DROWSY OR TIRED? Retirement should be an exciting time. After years of hard work and dedication, you finally have time to yourself and a nest egg to support your interests. Whether you plan on hiking...

Aug 25th, 2018
Get Your Leg Veins Back in Shape!

WANT HEALTHIER LEGS? At Alabama Vein Center, We offer many treatments to aid you in having healthier legs which can help you live a more active life. When you don’t have pain in your legs or leg swelling from venous insufficiency you can...

Aug 23rd, 2018
Don't Ignore Your Symptoms

THERE ARE TIMES WHEN IT IS EASIER TO ADMIT THAT YOU NEED MEDICAL TREATMENT THAN OTHERS. For example, if you’re running a fever or have broken a bone, you quite likely are going to address those issues and take the appropriate steps to heal from them...

Aug 18th, 2018
Probability of Vein Disorder

WHAT IS THE PROBABILITY OF ME HAVING A VEIN DISORDER? Probably not the typical question you might ask yourself when you are running a million errands or working all day. But it should be something worth thinking about as you get older...

Aug 16th, 2018
Sclerotherapy Recovery Explained

SOMETIMES THE RECOVERY PROCESS OF A MEDICAL PROCEDURE CAN PROVE JUST AS DAUNTING TO THINK ABOUT AS THE PROCEDURE ITSELF. We understand. The road to recovery can be long. Of course, you are most likely aware of the benefits you will feel eventually...

Aug 15th, 2018
Costs of Varicose Vein Treatment?

CONCERNED ABOUT OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES? Would you like to experience healthy, beautiful, pain free legs again but you are concerned about the out of pocket expenses? Most health insurance plans and Medicare cover the cost of the majority...

Aug 13th, 2018
Microphlebectomy: Deceptively Simple

IF YOU ARE NEEDING SOME MAJOR HELP FOR YOUR VARICOSE VEINS, you may be able to resolve any problems with a simple, outpatient surgical procedure called microphlebectomy. Yes, this word does seem intimidating! However, the procedure is not...

Aug 11th, 2018
Don't Delay Treating a Vein Disorder

IT’S EASY TO PUT OFF DOING SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO OUR HEALTH. However, when it comes to vein disorders, waiting for treatment may end up causing side effects that could impact overall quality of life...

Aug 10th, 2018
Are Compression Socks the Right Choice?

CAN YOU TELL THAT MAYBE IT’S TIME YOU CONSIDER SEEKING HELP TO MANAGE A VENOUS DISORDER, BUT ARE NERVOUS TO DO ANYTHING THAT MAY INCLUDE INJECTIONS? There is no need to go into worry overdrive. You may be an ideal candidate to use compression therapy...

Aug 9th, 2018
Spider Vein Ankle Treatment Video

Alabama Vein Center - Video of us performing Sclerotherapy on the ankle area for the removal of spider veins. This treatment can be done with little to no downtime and usually after the first treatment there is a noticeable improvement...

Aug 7th, 2018
What is Sclerotherapy?

DO YOU HAVE SPIDER OR VARICOSE VEINS? Have you ever wondered what your options are for treating these, or what the names of the treatments mean? Understanding your treatment options and what exactly they entail can bring greater confidence...

Aug 6th, 2018
Threading: A Stitch in Time Saves...?

SO WHEN IT COMES TO “THREADING” AS A MEANS OF REMOVING FACIAL HAIR, HOW MUCH TIME DOES IT ACTUALLY SAVE? The answer is 6 – as in 6 weeks! In other words, if done correctly, you won’t have to repeat this process for a full month and a half...

Aug 5th, 2018
Feeling a Bit Weighed Down Lately?

Like you’re carrying around a 300-lb boulder on your back? First off, it’s one of life’s natural consequences that as we grow older, our energy levels decrease. We don’t seem to have the ability to put in those all-nighters to finish important...

Aug 1st, 2018