3 Way to Manage Stress as you Age


As we get older, there are more things to worry about too. In addition to managing your health, there’s retirement to think about, not to mention home improvements, family events, and more. These new challenges can be worrisome and keep you up at night. If you’re tired of feeling stressed out and anxious, consider taking steps to live in the moment. Here are three suggestions for helping you do just that:

1. Jot-It-Down. While distractions may help at the moment, they don’t help to address the root cause of your stress; it still lurks near the forefront of your mind. Identify what it is, write it down and find a tentative solution. It may be helpful to talk about it with a friend, confidante or trained counselor to get a speedy resolution.

2. Meditate and Be Thankful. Meditation is easier than you think. Start with choosing a comfortable area and try practicing some deep breathing. Eliminate distractions around you and take several deep breaths until you find yourself becoming calm. It’s easier to do when you think about things in your life you are most thankful for. Allow yourself to relax and find a quiet inner place of peace, where you can feel content and at rest.

3. Take Care of Yourself. Be intentional about taking care of yourself. Develop healthy eating habits and don’t neglect your rest. A good night’s sleep can revive your body, mind, and spirit. Daily exercise can give you a sense of accomplishment and help to refresh your mood.

If you’re feeling more stressed and depressed than ever, it may be time to make sure your hormones are balanced as well. If you’re struggling to cope with the effects of the natural aging process, know that help is available. Call the friendly, professional team at Restoration Medicine, a division of Alabama Vein Center today. You can feel better! (877) 268-8346 of by contacting us!

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